Tips about Listing your Property

Find An Agent

Finding an Agent you are comfortable with is important. This Agent will be in your home and walking you through the sale process from putting up the sign to the final acceptance of the Purchase Offer & Inspections. Experience and personality are key.


Whether you are selling a waterfront mansion or a small ranch, there are a few elements your listing should always have. Number one is an effective price. Ideally, your price will attract buyers who might not have otherwise considered the listing and encourage them to see the potential that is there. Too many agents and sellers rush this step, and list a price that drives buyers away. This means researching the recent sold and listed prices of homes in your area and providing a Comparative Market Analysis.


Property Description

You do not have to make up new words or a marketing slogan for the property - simply state in the first sentence what kind of property it is, along with one or two of its features and amenities. From there you can summarize the property''''''''s location and specifications.  It is usually best to tell people where the home is before describing it in detail, because location is generally the biggest factor in the decision process.

Pictures of the Home

Good listings should also always include high-resolution photos of your home. These should be done after the home is ready for sale, with as few of your decorations and personal affects as possible in the photo. The photos should also be focused on things buyers want to see - not necessarily what you want to show.

For example, buyers are typically interested in the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, and street-view exterior. You may also want to include special features that really add to quality of life at your home and make your home extra special.